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Amazon Transcribe is an AWS service that makes it easy for customers to convert speech-to-text. Using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology, customers can choose to use Amazon Transcribe for a variety of business applications, including transcription of voice-based customer service calls, generation of subtitles on audio/video content, and conduct (text based) content analysis on audio/video content.  
Amazon Transcribe service is designed to handle a wide range of speech and acoustic characteristics, including variations in volume, pitch, and speaking rate. The quality and content of the audio signal (including but not limited to factors such as background noise, overlapping speakers, accented speech, or switches between languages within a single audio file) may affect the accuracy of service output. We are constantly updating the service to improve its ability to accommodate additional acoustic variation and content types. 
Amazon Transcribe service calls are limited to 4 hours (or 2GB) per API call for our batch service. The streaming service can accommodate open connections up to 4 hours long.